Cocktails for two

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Cocktails for two

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95% cotton, 5% elastane. OEKO-TEX certified


Small: bust 45, waist 38, hips 92, length 100

Medium: bust 47, waist 40, hips 96, length 102

Large: bust 48, waist 42, hips 102, length 103

XL: bust 102, waist 88, hips 106, length 103

XXL: bust 106, waist 92, hips 110, length 105

The song, which celebrates the end of prohibition, was first used in the 1934 Hollywood drama “Murder at the Vanities” where it was sung by the Danish actor Carl Brisson and was later immortalized by Duke Ellington. We chose the name for this brightly coloured print as an homage to Brisson, Ellington and the inalienable right to get sloshed sharing cocktails with someone special. So bartender, keep the shaker ready.