About Dazzle Me

Inspired by the light

DAZZLE ME is a family-owned business striving to bring life to our shared love of bright colourful clothes.

Aalborg which is the home of DAZZLE ME is a small but vibrant city straddling the Limfjord in the very heart of Northern Jutland.

Situated in an otherwise rural area, Aalborg is close not only to moraine hills sprawling with heaths, moors and beech forests but also to an abundance of sandy beaches and with the North Sea to the West, the Skagerak to the North and the Kattegat to the East, the Sea which graces Northern Jutland with its airy light is never far away.

You will find the influences of the local landscapes and the ubiquitous effervescent light in all our DAZZLE ME designs.

At DAZZLE ME we believe in democratic fashion which is why we encourage our customers to engage with our sales representatives and join in the creative process and make their own mark on our products.

All DAZZLE ME products are made with care and whimsy respecting the ethos of sustainability and best ecological practices.

DAZZLE ME will always strive to:

  • express the purity, freshness, simplicity and ethics associated with the Nordic region and Danish Design

  • combine the best in Nordic couture and sartoiral traditions with influences from abroad

  • promote sustainability in the production and make quality clothing which will stand the test of time

  • give succor to our collective yearning for the colours and brightness of the effervescent light and white nights of the Nordic summer.